You know how a team feels when energized. Like anything can be achieved today and tomorrow.

Energy is so abstract but so concrete at the same time. You don’t see it though you feel it when present in a room. It radiates. It’s contagious too, that is exactly why teams feel they can achieve more, can go further and are more in confidence when energized.

On the contrary when there is an energy gap among a team, it’s up to the leader to take action to rise it up again and get the team motivated. Not easy. We know, we have been there too as both head of departments and team members.

With our Re-Energize Camp we will work together on getting your team back in shape. We will exercise on tiring the body first and then work on the mind. Exactly the reverse of the situation at work where the mind gets tired but not necessarly the body.

Core Session

  • Energy Coaching
  • Be Focus-Perfect
  • Sport Session
  • Healthy food

Re-energize Camp

  • Duration: Half day
  • Coach: 2 super coaches
  • Location: In or out your office
  • Preparation: Alignment with team leader
  • Follow up: On demand
  • Size: Min 8 people