Every now and then, we must re-focus to seize the opportunity of the moment and prepare tomorrow.

Between emails, social media, urgent meetings, conference calls, never ending tasks and distractions, it can be difficult to focus on what really matters.

To have a clear path forward, we will help you zoom out first, get clarity in why you do what you do and then zoom in again.

With our Re-Focus Camp, we will make sure you get your energy back, that all the noses are in the same direction and that as a team you can push hard the pedale to reach further.

Core Session

  • Healthy Breakfast & Lunch
  • Team Dynamics
  • High Energy Session
  • Cool down Essentials
  • Power-up North Star Vision
  • Futureproof Business Modelling
  • Growth Hacking & Planning
  • Be Focus-Perfect with SKS

Re-Focus Camp

  • Duration: 1 full day
  • Coach: 2 external coaches
  • Location: Out of the office
  • Preparation: With team leader
  • Follow up: Optional
  • Size: Min 8 people